Will there be a shortage of Indonesian Maids?

Recently, there has been a question as to whether the supply of Indonesian maids will stay strong in light of recent circumstances.

One factor is the improving prospects and economy in Indonesia itself. Speaking in general trends, the reason most Indonesian maids head to other countries for a job is because they have generally offered more money than in their own countries. However, nowadays, a significant number would rather prefer to stay in their own country instead.

The good news is – Singapore is still considered one of the better countries in terms of pay offered, which is not the case for countries like Malaysia, which is unfortunately going through some woes with attempting to attract maids to their countries due to low economic offering. Singapore’s salaries are on par with countries such as Hong Kong and are considered very good overall.

A suggestion that has been offered as a safety net is creating an infrastructure to support more part-time maids who are allowed to work for multiple families with their own tasks. This may be a more economical way of distributing the manpower of a small number of maids better to serve the greater public. However, for the time being, full-time maids will probably remain the popular choice instead for most Singaporean families as they are more used to it.

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