The maid who has it made!

Many years ago, Ms Rebecca Bustamante was a maid just like all others in Singapore at the age of 19. She cooked, she cleaned, and she went out to buy groceries like all others, diligently saving up money over time…

Today at the age of 48, this Filipino maid has now become the founder and President of Chalré Associates, a recruitment firm for senior management executive positions for companies of all nationalities, which work with many companies over the world including those included in the Fortune 500.

Speaking about her, Rebecca has always considered herself a bit of an entrepreneur due to the necessities of her childhood – she had to make and sell whatever she could find such as Ice Kacang to support the other members of her family. Believing that Filipinos have the admirable traits of being humble, determined and hardworking, she believes that the only thing holding them back is that their humility tends to lead to them not wanting to take risks or “go big” so as to remain humble.

As many maids face great stress and difficulty coping with the life of working in Singapore, Ms Rebecca plans on giving talks to maids about how they can pull themselves up and turn themselves into winners in life.

This is a fantastic heart-warming story that shows how one can come from “lowly” beginnings and rise to become a successful person.

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