Temptation and Greed – a tragedy waiting to occur

In another country far away, a sad tragedy has happened. Euna Tsekwete, a 32 years old Harare maid from Shamva was found guilty of stealing $700k USD in cash from her employer.

In her own words, one day while cleaning the house, she came across the family fortune in a drawer. As she only earns a meagre $200 USD per month, she was unable to resist the temptation and thus spirited away the money.

Before she was discovered, Euna had already spent most of the money on a house and 2 cars back in her original country. As such, she has told the court that she is unable to pay back the money.

She was filled with regret, saying that she did not think taking the money would hurt her employer that much as he was a very rich man and such sums were trivial to him. The verdict for her punishment is split – some believed that she should avoid jail time due to it being her first offense, while others believe that the punishment should not be lenient due to the severity of the crime.

For those of us who have our own maids, we should be fortunate that they are good people and not like the one just mentioned. However, treating them well is a good way to keep such temptations at bay.

It also shows that you should not keep your own security for granted – when you have a maid, you are not living alone anymore. Therefore, you must take the same precautions like if you were living with a tenant on rent or a friend of the family – don’t take anything for granted! It may be more troublesome, but prevention is much better than cure.

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