Maid malnutrition on the rise – constant weight drops

Domestic Workers Aid Agencies are worried about the trend of Maids suffering from malnutrition in Singapore. One maid by the name of “Anya” recalls her story about how she lost weight from 56 kg to 47 kg within just 2 months since she began working in Singapore – a scary drop of 9 kg to a dangerous underweight category!

While this is not a new trend, many worry about the rising trend – from 2012 to present day, the reported incidents of insufficient food rose by 20%!

Many times, this is due to fear from the maids themselves. As the employer has the power to send them back at any time, they keep to themselves to prevent offending their employers and would rather suffer in silence. Sometimes, the employer does not mean to starve them but unintentionally psychologically coerce them into silence instead.

For example, if they always comment on “how fast the bread and rice in the house is running out”, this can be seen as a “subtle” hint that they think the maid is eating too much!

Some blame has gone to the vague laws in Singapore case. For example, in Hong Kong’s case, employers are required to grant S$158 for food expenses. In Singapore however, employers are only expected to give “adequate food”, but what is adequate for a student or office worker is not the same as what is adequate for a maid who will be expected to partake in more manual labor!

Here, we believe that kindness begets kindness – feed your maid well and they will work harder for you. In the long run, bread and food are not expensive and your maid will work harder and be energized.

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