Accident death from falling out of window

Recently, there has been a tragic accident that highlights our need to always have safety on our mind at all time.

Ms Maid (name withheld) was busy preparing dinner for the family when she decided to step a quick trip outside to dispose of the trash. However, unbeknownst to her, the door had automatically closed behind her and locked itself on its own.

Knowing that she has left the food unattended and the kitchen running, she thought to herself that a fire may be started and panic’d, running to her neighbour’s house for help. From there, she attempted to climb from the balcony of the neighbouring unit to get to the window of her own house. In her mind, it was a perfect plan…

Unfortunately, she lost her balance and fell to her death from the 5th storey of the build, landing in a pool of her own blood. Her body was later found and reported to the police.

Let us take this opportunity to learn some lessons from this sad incident in order to prevent future mishaps.

First, we should remember that you should never leave a cooking stove unintended, even if you think you will only be away for “a short time”, as we can see, unexpected things may happen that you can not foresee.

The neighbour should have taken some time to calm the maid down instead of letting her through with her plan which was not created in a sound state of mind. For example, she could have called the house instead to open the door and let the maid in.

Every year, many maids die from falls which are entirely preventable. Remember to impress on your maid that nothing is worth losing their lives over and to keep themselves safe and sound!

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